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24p Panning and 29.97 output Nightmare

Time:November 30
I am editing some footage that was shot in 1080p24. I am in Premier CS5.
This pan looks slightly effected by the cam's shutter in the SEQ but when i say slightly i mean barely noticeable.
On out put to 29.97fps the footage goes extra choppy. All of it not just the pan.
Is there a setting that can smooth this?
Yeah i am with you on the camera work but the guy who shoot it is not a professional cam op, or hobbyist and really only bought the camera just for this commercial so that he would not have to pay for filming. He is not interested in anything beyond turning the camera on and shooting it as is. He is an employee of the shop. I did however have my assistant go to the location and set the camera for 1080p60 yesterday. This way when he turns the camera on he is at 1080p60 and 1/260 shutter.
Some of the shots my cam guy did shoot over the last 2 years but this is not his doing. He would not have made a mistake like too low fps or wrong shutter.
But i did add .6 BCC Motion Blur to the shot and that helped a lot but still was not to my liking as the original is what i am fighting to solve the issue, but we left the shot in there because ... Ahhhh... the customer is always right? hahahahahahaha!
The motion blur suggestion was absolutely on the mark. It was the best solution for what i had. Thanks

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