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' in data form name

Time:November 30
I am using Planning
When my colleague creates a data form with a quote (') in the name, this quote is replaces by the "&#39" string.
I don't have this problem with my computer. But indeed, I see a &#39 on the data forms created by my colleague.
We are both using IE6... version non supported so no explaniation from the Oracle support.
I understand, but if someone has any idea...
"& #39" is the HTML escape sequence for an Apostrophe.
IE6 was released almost ten years ago. I can't imagine a valid reason why an IT department would insist its user base stay on an obsolete release of a free product.
However, in this case the browser version is not causing the problem. The quotes are causing the special chars within them to be escaped in the presentation logic.
As the other's have said, don't use quotes.
Robb Salzmann
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