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Acc.Seq and InterCompany billing

Time:November 30
Hi everyone.
I have the following problem.
1.The process:
I have made an return order process in which I implemented an material status code. This status code is implemented in pricing in form of a condition type which value is defined in Transaction VK12.
An Acc Sequence makes it possible to calculate the pricing. This Acc. Seq has the following structure:
->     926 – Malt. grp 4/Sold-to/Material
     927 - Matl. grp 4/Material
2. The problem.
The same Acc. Sequence is relevant for the Inter Company billing. But here the customer has a different number therefore it will not be possible to use 926 condition record because it has "sold-to" in it. I would say that it would be necessary to program a requirement to solve this problem and get the condition record on the Inter Company billing. Does anyone has a meaning about this? And how can I make a connection between "Sold -to" number and Inter Company Costumer number?
Hallo Per,
I guess I don't fully understand the process you're describing.... But in any case, let me take a shot at this part of your question: <i><<And how can I make a connection between "Sold -to" number and Inter Company Costumer number? >></i>
Table VBAK will give you both the Sales Organization (VKORG) and Sold-To (KUNNR) party.  You can look the Sales Organization up in S.Org definition table TVKO.  In this table you will find the Intercompany customer assigned to the S.Org.
If I'm still missing the point, perhaps you can describe in more detail your problem.... or maybe post screenshots, etc...?