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Apache + tomcat + mod_webapp or mod_jk

Time:December 10
I am thinking for using apache with tomcat.
i am reading information but i have one initial trouble:
what i must to use for production: mod_webapp or mod_jk?
which is better? and in the future which will be the useful?
Use mod_webapp. mod_jk is the old one, and is only there for backwards compatibility. Plus, it is very picky about the order in which Tomcat and Apache must be loaded and unloaded.
mod_webapp doesn't care; Tomcat doesn't even care if Apache is active, and Apache will re-initialize mod_webapp if Tomcat goes down and comes back up.
However, mod_webapp can be tricky to set up. Get the distribution from the Tomcat download directory, but DON'T COMPILE IT. Follow the instructions in the README for pulling the latest version from CVS including the APR module.