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"application cannot be found" when trying to open certain files

Time:October 11
  Recently i upgraded my computer to Mavericks recently and I've been having a problem opening certain files.  In one day I upgraded to Mavericks and I also updated my Adobe programs to the Creative Cloud.  Ever since then I cannot open any of my Adobe files.  They are all saved as under the CS4 legacy format.  I uninstalled CS4 after installing the Creative Cloud.  Every time I try to open one of these files previously created in CS4, whether it is a photoshop ot illustrator file, I get the error message "The application cannot be found".  I also can see no preview or thumbnails for the files.  I talked to Adobe Support and we went through a process of deleting my preferences and it didn't work.  I restarted my machine and it worked.  It worked for a day and now after starting up my machine today it is saying the same thing again.  After a while it just out of nowhere started working again.  I'll be clear and say that I was logged into my adobe account and there were no network interuptions. 
By the way, the new versions (Creative Cloud) of the adobe programs all work just fine and If I save something then it works fine.  It is only when trying to read a file from a previous format. 
If you are attempting to start Adobe Creative Cloud by opening a file created by its previous version, open the Adobe Creative Cloud app first, then choose Open from its File menu and select the old file. The files you are attempting to open were associated with the version you used to create them, which is now gone.
After opening them, save them again. From then on, opening them will probably open Adobe CC directly.