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Audio preview in Finder not working

Time:October 11
I have a strange problem. My finder don't want to play any audio files (wav, mp3
, m4a,... ) Quick Look is still working but, in stead of having a preview (with
the play button in the middle of the file) it only show a standard logo without
the play button available.
(As you can see, 3 of 7 files cannot be previewed)
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I'm experiencing the same thing but with all kinds of files that have shown a preview in snow leopard: pictures, PDF-documents, music (with album art). It seems that previews are not created automatically whenever I change the name of a file or edit it in any other way, the preview shows up instantly. Rebooting works, too.
This is really annoying and a little online search shows, several people are having the same problem. As far as I know, there's no fix yet.