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Auto dimming on iPhone 5

Time:November 30
How to turn off auto dimming? It is impairing driving with the GPS software while power is connected to iPhone.
Any ways around the dimming?
I have exactly the same issue, not good for driving using GPS driving! For the avoidance of doubt, the phone is not plugged in when driving but dims by itself; brightnesses gone down to 0 itself whether auto-brightness is on or off; even after driving when not on Google GPS I found the phone to be dimming...
This problem seems to only occur only when using Google GPS. This problem goes away when using GPS function via Contacts i.e when the address fields are populated selecting that takes you to maps, with the option to navigate or drive to...
Hope this helps - if anyone knows how to use the Apple Navigation without using Contacts already saved in the phone ie enter the postcode only without having to create the contact and address first please let me know!

Auto dim settings on Iphone


I stupidly took off the auto dim on the iphone and now the screen is blank and i cant see how to get it back. I tried turning it off, touching anywhere on the screen... please help!!Something else has to be going on. Despite making brightness changes

IPhone auto dim feature?


My auto dim works. BUT, I just noticed that my two friends iphones put the screen in a really low dim mode when they aren't touched for 30 seconds or so. Mine will not do it, even if the auto-dim is on. Does anyone know if it has anything to do with

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Right out of the box 3 or 4 months ago, my Samsung 24 inch 2443 BW dims uncontrollably whenever I have a window open that has mostly black or other dark-colored background - say about 60% black; I can actually watch the whole screen and desktop - not

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Hello everyone, I'm just wondering why the screenbrightness gets reduced in dark surroundings with turned on auto dim even more than it is manually possible. I would like to turn auto dim off and only control the brightness with the manual control bu

Screen not auto dimming.....can anyone help?


For some reason, my touch has stopped dimming. Whether I am playing a song, on the main screen, whatever, it just stays at the auto brightness setting, never going to the darker screen and never going all black. I have done a reset and this didn't fi

Why does ipad dim after turning off auto dim


my ipad continues to dim slightly back and forth despite the fact i turned off auto dim, why?Have you tried closing the scrabble app completely and seeing if it works when you re-open it ? From the home screen (i.e. not with the scrabble game 'open'

Screen not auto dimming correctly


I started to have an issue when the playbook auto dims the screen goes to a very light black/ dark greyish screen when i turn it back on the screen is really dark and the screen is not normal. I have to turn off the PB by pushing the power button the

Auto-dim feature works in the opposite way


Hi, I have a HP Pavilion 17" laptop and I have two major remarks on the HP implementation of the display. 1. The auto-dim feature works in the opposite way: it should be that when dark images appear the display produces more light and lesser light wh

Auto-dimming in upcoming 3.0 upgrade?


The one major thing that frustrates me about the "touch" is that I either have to choose between a few "timed" settings before the screen goes into blank lock mode or I have to leave it on forever which kills the battery. Does anyone k

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So installed Windows 8 last night (over Windows 7, since I'm not an avid user of Windows anyway). I fixed my trackpad issue, but my display auto-dims to a very low brightness for no reason. I have brightness control, but I'll change it, and less than

How do i stop my laptop from auto dimming in dark rooms?


My computer has recently started auto dimming when in darker rooms of the house, i know its an issue with the light sensor because I've held a flashlight to it and it instantly brightens, however, i have unchecked the "automatically adjust brightness

IMac 21.5" Screen 'flutter' when screen auto dims'


Hi, I have a brand new 21.5" i7 with 8GB Ram. I noticed the other day that when the screen dimmed the whole panel seems to flutter, I also noticed that auto dimming never dims below a certain point and remains really bright, even in a dark room, yet

Why is my facetime app not on my iphone?just bought the app should it transfer auto to my iphone during sync?


why is my facetime app not on my iphone?just bought the app should it transfer auto to my iphone during sync?There is no FaceTime app for the iPhone. Settings>Phone>FaceTime>On. other 5 answers

Screen auto dims and after about one second, it sleeps. If you try to catch it and undid the screen during this time, it freezes and you have to hard reset.


If you leave the laptop untouched, it will auto dim the screen. About one second after autodim, the screen will turn off. If during that one second duration, you try to undim the screen (by touching the touchpad, for example), the laptop will freeze

How to setup auto dim, when light darkens


when i went to the Mac Store, the guy working there showed me this auto dim feature, that when the light around the laptop(environment) darkens the laptop gets brighter and the keyboard lights up. i just bought my laptop and got it today and i would

Auto dimming on MBP-Retina


I've noticed that my MBP-Retina doesn't auto dim when the room gets darker like my old MBP.  Is there a setting that allows for this? -- Skifahrer7I have exactly the same issue, not good for driving using GPS driving! For the avoidance of doubt, the

Xbox 360 Auto-dim every 10 minutes


Why does my xbox360 auto-dim every 10 minutes, while connected to windows 7 media center? I've tried every setting I can think of on the xbox and the win7 box it's connected too... Screen savers, power management settings. It still will randomly dim

Auto dimming; gone?


Hi all, I could have sworn my 3gs originally had auto dimming feature.  Now, it is constantly displaying it's brightness and terribly wearing down the battery life. I see that there is a "auto-brightness" option, but that does not control the di

How to disable auto charge of iPhone via PC?


How to disable auto charge of iPhone via PC?I'm thinking you may have the concern of not overcharging or messing with charge cycles of your phone, but according to apple the Li-ion batteries in iDevices work this way for example -Your phone has 50% b