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Automatic Payment Program problem in F110

Time:October 11
Hi Experts,
When i am running APP program in F110, after parameter selection i am not able to do further steps.
After parameters have been entered
I cant do the further steps. When ever i select edit proposal button the messages are coming like:
Proposal has been scheduled 13.11.07 and time.
Job was not released.
Thes two messages i can able to see in F110  status..
From here onwards  Payment, Edit Propsal,Display Proposal, Printout buttons are not appearing in F110. 
Plz. treat this matter is urgent and give ur valuable suggestions.
Thanx in advance.
This error comes when you dont have authority to run the job. If  this is the case go to SU53. You can find the object for which you are not authorized below "Authorization check failed". Take a screen shot and talk to your Basis for giving you the authority.
For the second possibility Check SM37, select  the job status scheduled and then click on execute. It will show all the jobs. Select the particular job and release.
Hope this helps