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BPC 10.0 NW - skipping in hierarchy upload

Time:November 30
Hej Gurus
I have a question regarding automatic upload of a hierarchy from BW into BPC. We have a hierarchy with all costcenters including both active and inactive costcenters, and these costcenters are spread out through the hierarchy.
In BPC, we only need the active costcenters, but the inactive is needed in other applications, so it is not possible to change the hierarchy.
Is it possible to do a skip based on a BW attribute, when importing a hierarchy or is it possible to make it only look at costcenters in BPC?
Alternatively, is it possible to pick up the parent in the master data attribute/text from BW process chain? In this it is possible to skip based on an attribute.
Best regards,
Mikkel Kristensen
Hi Mikkel,
As suggested by Gersh, you have to consider that point.
Coming to the you problem you can crated additional hierarchy for BPC to existing info object by considering only active CCs with the help of ABAP. You can also automate this hierarchy creation.
While loading master data you can load only active CC by selecting option "Set filters by attribute AND hierarchy" and while loading hierarchy select custom hierarchy created for BPC. This approach will not affect your existing development and no need to create z object as well as no need to add in to cube.