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Can't see content in AirPort Disks

Time:October 11
I have three LaCie drives connected to my TC via a USB hub. The drives mount OK but I can not see any contents (0 items) though the space available is correct. I suspect this is an issue with permissions but am not sure what permissions I need to change. Using AirPort Utility, under the Disks tab>File Sharing I have enabled file sharing with Secure Shared Disks set to "With Accounts".
If I select one of the drives and do a Get Info the owner is system (read and write), Group is wheel (read and write) and Others read and write. I have tried applying the permissions to enclosed items but this does not reveal the contents....
Any ideas??
As a follow up, I can copy files onto the AirPort Disks so I guess the problem is that the files on these drives are not recognised as belonging to me (I guess external drives do not normally have specific owners). I guess that I will have to connect each drive to my machine directly and change the owner to my name, will this resolve the issue?? The negative of this would be that no one else would be able to connect.
My assumption in all of this is that AirPort Disks are only useful if you start off with an empty drive.