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Cannot adjust time as user, no printing either in KDE, arch 32 bit

Time:October 11
         I installed ntp, and tried to adjust time as it is aways wrong.
Down South here in Oz it lookks liike we are in Canada or Europe!
It asks for root password to auto update it from a time server,
but says it is not system policy and then refuses to let one do so even once as root
It states there is something wrong with the dbus backend.
Perhaps a root login may be able to fix it but perhaps not too
There is no printing in kde, the config complains of orpan modules and old third pary modules lying around and blames the last upgrade.
Guess I 'll have to go to cups printing and hope cups is OK.
Guess these are bugs and a wonky kde control module and/or dbus and they may have been reported already,
El Zorro
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Thanks for you interest Yurlungur,
                                                 Somehow I managed to fix ntp, it now updates with ntp and an ntp timeserver, so now I am going to try printing via cups printing on the web due to the bad state of the KDE control panel in Arch.
By the way before your post I upgraded dbus, but the control panel is the problem I am sure, as this did not help.
May I ask what desktop you use
Yurlungur wrote:
Hi El Zorro,
I don't use KDE so I can't help you there, but I can try and help with ntp. This is sort of an obvious question, and if you've already done this, please ignore me, but have you tried debugging dbus? Is it running properly (as far as I know, it's pretty plug-n-play, but maybe you need an update, or the daemon isn't running right)? KDE may have a front end for ntp, but there's no reason ntp shouldn't be completely controllable by the command line... and if it's not, there's probably a dependancy problem. Just for kicks, can you post the daemons line of /etc/rc.conf and the entire contents of /etc/ntp.conf?
# /etc/rc.conf - Main Configuration for Arch Linux
# LOCALE: available languages can be listed with the 'locale -a' command
# LANG in /etc/locale.conf takes precedence
# DAEMON_LOCALE: If set to 'yes', use $LOCALE as the locale during daemon
# startup and during the boot process. If set to 'no', the C locale is used.
# HARDWARECLOCK: set to "", "UTC" or "localtime", any other value will result
# in the hardware clock being left untouched (useful for virtualization)
# Note: Using "localtime" is discouraged, using "" makes hwclock fall back
# to the value in /var/lib/hwclock/adjfile
# TIMEZONE: timezones are found in /usr/share/zoneinfo
# Note: if unset, the value in /etc/localtime is used unchanged
# KEYMAP: keymaps are found in /usr/share/kbd/keymaps
# CONSOLEFONT: found in /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts (only needed for non-US)
# CONSOLEMAP: found in /usr/share/kbd/consoletrans
# USECOLOR: use ANSI color sequences in startup messages
# MODULES: Modules to load at boot-up. Blacklisting is no longer supported.
# Replace every !module by an entry as on the following line in a file in
# /etc/modprobe.d:
# blacklist module
# See "man modprobe.conf" for details.
# Udev settle timeout (default to 30)
# Scan for FakeRAID (dmraid) Volumes at startup
# Scan for BTRFS volumes at startup
# Scan for LVM volume groups at startup, required if you use LVM
# HOSTNAME: Hostname of machine. Should also be put in /etc/hosts
# Use 'ip addr' or 'ls /sys/class/net/' to see all available interfaces.
# Wired network setup
# - interface: name of device (required)
# - address: IP address (leave blank for DHCP)
# - netmask: subnet mask (ignored for DHCP) (optional, defaults to
# - broadcast: broadcast address (ignored for DHCP) (optional)
# - gateway: default route (ignored for DHCP)
# Static IP example
# interface=eth0
# address=
# netmask=
# broadcast=
# gateway=
# With the default settings below, ntpd will only synchronize your clock.
# For details, see:
# - the ntp.conf man page
# -
# - … col_daemon
# Select three geolocalized NTP public servers; see
# Only allow read-only access from localhost
restrict default nomodify nopeer
restrict ::1
# Location of drift and log files
driftfile /var/lib/ntp/ntp.drift
logfile /var/log/ntp.log
# NOTE: If you run dhcpcd and have lines like 'restrict' and 'fudge' appearing
# here, be sure to add '-Y -N' to the dhcpcd_ethX variables in /etc/conf.d/net