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Cannot submit iPhone repair request online

Time:November 30
I can't find anywhere else on the website to report this other than feedback. I've got a faulty ultracompact USB charger (post-recall) and I wanted to submit an online request to get it replaced. I go through all of the steps, accept the terms and conditions, and I get to a page with 3 steps, the first of which is "Avoid being without your iPhone or accessory" in which I select "continue". Below this section is "2. Describe the issue". When I click "continue", the troubleshooting tips in step 1 disappear and I can't go any further. Nothing appears under any of the steps and I cannot click any buttons to continue.
I've tried many different browsers and computers. I've even tried on a different network in the event that it's my connection. I also tried a different Apple account and that didn't make any difference.
When I put in the serial number for my iPod, I don't have any issues. However, it would seem to me that there is a programming glitch for the iPhone support. Anyone have any insight? Does anyone know how I can get through to Apple to get them to fix this?
Same problem here in Denmark. Got bounced by Telia to which doesn't allow me to report my issue.
Telia will refuse to replace a defectuous headphone. They will also refuse to test the iPhone with a new headphone set. They will bounce you to They will bounce you again when reporting that the page currently doesn't allow you to report any issue with your iPhone. Telia sold me the iPhone but it seems like Telia won't assist me in reporting the issue.