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Causing the JNI code to crash "properly"

Time:November 30
I have some code written in C and liked to Java using JNI.
When I run it (even from the Visual C++ environment) and the code gets an exception in C, the JVM catches it and closes up nicely with an error.
What can I do to remove this behavior and let it crash - this will cause Visual C++ debugger to catch it and show me where the crash is.
I've got 2 problems with this:
1. I'm writiing code in pure ANSI C - so try/catch doesn't work for me in the long run - just as a way of debugging a specific problem.
2. I need something that will crash - not something that will get over it, but something that will be able to show me the exact problem, along with a backtrace, values of variables, and the ability to use a debugger to check the memory while I'm at it.
I will try it though, so thanks a lot