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Clean install Lion first?

Time:November 30
I just want check it is best to do a clean installation or write over SL with Lion, before I install my upgrade from CS5 to CS6 standard?
Please kindly advice me. It would be nice to say why and why not?
It's not a bad idea to do a clean install before doing a major operating system update. It's not required but it makes sure you're getting reading of accumulated "crud" on your computer.
However, most important, if you choose to do a clearn install, make sure that your hard drive, and especially, all your software is backed up. It wouldn't be a bad idea also to deactivate the Adobe software.
It's not necessary to reinstall CS5 after doing such a clean install unless you want to be able to open version-specific files (e.g., Adobe InDesign). You will need your CS5 serial number if installing a CS6 upgrade.