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Clean Windows Install Help

Time:November 30
Hi, I really could use some help. My thinkvantage software got buggy and wasn't functioning, even after resotring the computer to factory clean. I erased everything, including the system partition, and started an XP install on a clean partition. I followed the instructions on the Lenovo website, but I didn't back up my IBM Tools folder. So I am stuck. I need help getting from a clean install to a working computer. I have a second computer that I am using to access the internet. Here's what I think would help:
1. A list of the drivers I should download to get my system back up. Is there a specific one that would start an entire system update?
2. Is there a location where I can download that IBM Tools folder?
I'm not sure what else I can tell you. Any help would be most appreciated.
chez17, welcome to the forum,
Start with ThinkVantage System Update, if it misses something you can go to the Driver Site for your ThinkPad.
Happy installing
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