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Create a product catalog from flat fiile

Time:October 11
Hello All,
I have a requirement to create a product catalog from a flat file. Basic requirement is to add products under product catalog. Further requirement can be extended to add views and add images to product catalog.
I want to know steps or function modules which will be used in order to achieve basic requirement first and then extended requirement.
Any sample example explaining the same will be more useful.
Thanks in advance
By uploading images to a Product Catalog, the program below will also add the item to the catalog area specified.
It has it's own Program Information to explain how it works.
Here's the first portion of the that information:
Mass Import of Multimedia Documents for Product Catalogs
This report enables you to automatically import multimedia documents that are already available in a file system and assign these documents to product catalog items. The items are identified using a product number. An item is created if a corresponding one is not available.
A simple text file, which can be created using the normal spreadsheet programs or simple text editors, is used as a basis for the import.
We have used this in the past, but it has some performance issues, so experiment to be sure you don't try to upload too many images at can bog down after a few batches and begin crawling.