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Create PDF using DoCmd.Outputto method in legal size page

Time:October 11
I am working in MS Access 2010. I am trying to convert a report to a PDF file.  I am using the following command "DoCmd.Outputto acOutputReport, Report Name, acFormatPDF, FileName".  The report I am using is formatted in legal page
size.  When the PDF is created  using letter size pages and the buttom of each page is cut off.  I would like to find out why this is happening.
Bob Gouveia
Open the report in Design mode. Click Page Setup, go to the Page tab, and click the "Use Specific Printer" readio button. Click Printer. Select the Adobe PDF printer, then click Properties. Make sure Legal is the selected paper size. Click OK twice to get
back to the page setup window. Make sure the paper Size field is Legal, and Source is Automatically Select.
When I do this OutputTo --> PDF corretly uses the size (Legal) and orientation (Landscape) that I selected. Does this work for you?

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