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Creating a New Folder on the Dock

Time:October 11
I recently purchased CS3 for my computer and am looking to consolidate them into one folder for my dock. Under the applications window all the separate adobe programs have their own folder so I can only bring them down to the dock individually. I want to put all 8 programs that are currently on my dock into one folder that is located on my dock. I would also like to attach an image to that new folder instead of the plain folder look. The most important thing though is to just figure out how to add a folder to my dock. If I create a new folder on the desktop and try to drag it onto the dock it doesn't work. Any help??
create a folder on the desktop (or any other place on the HD), put aliases to your 8 programs into that folder and drag the folder to the right side of the dock (to the right of the divider).