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Creation of ACH pmt advice for EU C.Cd (PMW activated)

Time:October 11
Hi experts,
I'm a little at loss with my 1st dealings with the payment medium workbench. I got a requirement to setup payment advice a EU company code that currently sends out ACH payments without advice.
Currently In FBZP,
1- The EU CCd is a paying company and the form is the same Z_REMITT_S used for the client's US company.
2- The ACH payment method is defined for the country. The medium is the payment medium workbench and the format is Z_SEPA_CT.
     The US company uses the classic workbench and program RFFOUS_T for ACH.
3- In Define Payment Method for Company code, I hit a snag because Under Form Data, there is only the "Drawer on the Form" segment; the entire "Forms" segment where you'd select your script is missing.
Bottom line is How do I set up payment advice for ACH for a EU company paying EU vendors? (am I even asking the right question here?)
maybe OP want to extract all numbers from his inbox using regular expressions?