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DBI without product catalog and HR org

Time:November 30
I am trying to setup DBI.
Two problems I have is that
1) We dont use the product catalog (we use iProc and most requistions are non-catalog ones - we do have a stationary catalog) - will the standard Procurrment dashboards work with no catalog set uo ?
2) We dont use the HR module so have no org / manager structure setup.
How should I configure the Org setup to work with DBI ?
As I told you for the finance dash board you need to complete the finance dash board setup like Setting up the finance Dimension, Source Ledger Assignment, FDMH etc only after that you can abel to get the data in the finance dash board
In addition to the above you also have to consider
The Company Cost Center has to be setup
Reporting manager ( ex: AAA) has to be assignment to the Company Cost Center
Assign the supervisor the employees
Run the Supervisor Hierarchy
Run costcenter Hierarchy Manager
then the initial load
I would suggest first you complete the purchasing dashboard it is very simple later you can enable the financial one
Ramesh Kumar S