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Dreamweaver CS5 WebDave often times out. Can I increase the timeout?

Time:November 30
I am using WebDave to interact with my server. This has worked well for the last year, but for some reason my server load has increased and I am now getting timeouts often, which means pages fail to upload. Dreamweaver is not particularly good at letting you know the page did not upload, so I have a major headache trying to keep the server up-to-date. I have been working with the server people, but they have not found the load on this server to be particularly high and it is not swapping or anything. A good solution is to make WebDave inside of Dreamweaver a little bit more patient by increasing the timeout. FTP does not work for me, since my work firewall blocks FTP on the guest network.
Question: Is there a way of increasing the default timeout for WedDave connections?
Dreamweaver: CS5 Version 11, Build 4993
Computer: MacBook Pro 17" Mid 2010, OS X 10.9.3, 8GB
Ken you ask good questions. I actually don't know it is timeout, since Dreamweaver only includes in the FTP log successful messages. The failure is almost instantaneous. There is nothing on the Console Log on my Mac and nothing in the site log, but the site log is limited. I get the failure at home and work on two different WiFi. If I connect using a third party WebDav-namely the Mac built-in, then it works. If I use DW WebDav I get hit with failures about 1 out of 4. It sort of warms up after a few successful transfers and will work 3 out of 4 times. I suspect that the problem is related to the apache server is loaded and things are getting cached, and that DW is sensitive to this. That is the reason I wanted to desensitize DW. I don't have DW on a PC nor have access to a PC, but the Mac WebDav test was quite interesting.
I will try ethernet from home tonight. I was thinking of making sure I have the latest WebDAV running on the apache server, and in DW, but I really can't change either of these, even if I figure out that they are out of date. And if DW is updated, I can't afford the update since Adobe went subscription. I am volunteer and do my Web stuff for free for Academic and Non-Profits.