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Error when accessing /bw_document/MasterData/... (Item not found)

Time:November 30
I'm trying to index the BI documents (Master Data) repository with TREX. As fas as I know the BI documents are now stored in KM (=portal). I found /bw_document/MasterData in KM but when I trigger the indexing of this repository he stops after 2 seconds with status=error (type: crawler -> are there anymore details on this?!)
When I browse to this rep. using "Content Administration" -> "KM Content" I see the following error message:
Item not found
The item you are attempting to access is not available. Check that the name or link is correct. You might also check whether the associated repository is currently accessible.
What's wrong here?
Problem solved. The InfoObject "0D_PH2" was not yet activated from BI Content in RSA1. Don't know why he has it in his KM Repository, but after activating it the error message is gone.