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Field position

Time:November 30
I created a report for printing checks, each sheet contains four checks, and that sheet has 22 Width by 30.4 Height.
In Crystal I did a check of 22 Width by 7.6 in height and position in the fields following the layout pre-printed on the sheet.
and that the problem is not sure when I do the printing, the measures I put in the report not be equal in print.
How can I fix this?
I tested on a HP1000 printer and got better, but the printer does not accept the size of the sheet that I need. The maximum width of 21cm it is: (
I put all the margins equal to zero.
I will try to test with another printer, it could be a problem with the Crytal? I am using Crystal in 2008 and the system that makes the print is developed in Visual Studio 2008 C #