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FileName in ABAP XSLT Mapping

Time:October 11
Dear SDN,
In an integration scenario we are using sender File Adapter and a  ABAP XSLT Mapping.
Is there any way to get the source FileName from such mapping.  Im trying to use the adapter-specific message attributes, but it doesn't work, and I didn´t find an example, probably I and doing somthing wrong.
Thank you for your help,
I just try to access the adapter-specific attibutes using:
<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"
<xsl:variable name="filename"  select="key:create('', 'Directory')" />
but the following error raised:
<SAP:Stack>Error while calling mapping program YXSLT_TEST (type Abap-XSLT, kernel error ID CX_XSLT_RUNTIME_ERROR) Call of unknown function</SAP:Stack>
have you had this situation?

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