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Filename in legend

Time:October 11
Quite a basic question but several trials and none worked..
So in the legend I just want to display the filename without the channel as in "channel name (file name)". I tried free text with "@@ChnFileName(CurrChnNo)@@" but it did not worked out.
How cn I do this?
Best regards,
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Hi Brice,
You've got the right idea, but the channel property you need to use is "SourceDataFileName", and you need to use either the ChnPropGet() or ChnPropVaGet() function or the new Data.GetChannel(CCN).Properties approach available in DIAdem 11.0 and later:
@@ChnPropGet(CCN, "sourcedatafilename")@@ 
Brad Turpin
DIAdem Product Support Engineer
National Instruments

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