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Forms 6i & SRW.Run_Report does not work on 10g client

Time:October 11
Hello Sir/Madam,
I'm using 10g client with Forms & Reports 6i.
FORMS 6i error => for some reason this combination is prompting FRM-10102 & FRM-40039 errors
Attempted so far => attached the library, complied, it compiles ok, but somehow loses the library file at runtime
Reports 6i issue => for Reports seems like it does not recognize SRW.Run_report built-in
Attempted to run without "srw.run_report" it works..
Please help me understand if any necessary "*.dll" files are missing? if so what might that be?
Vani Sonti
When you install Forms and Reports 6i, the correct Oracle client (8) is installed. I don't know what you did exactly, but you shouldn't try to change that.
You can install the 10g client, but in a separate Oracle home. This way Forms and Reports still use the 8 client.
FRM-10102 & FRM-40039 errorsThat looks like a problem in your forms60_path registry setting.