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General Question About Importing Music

Time:November 30
Ok this is the scenario..
All of my music is saved in one folder.. Recently added files do not appear in iTunes library..
If in iTunes i select File>Add Folder and add my music folder, it is still not adding all my music from that folder and is also creating duplicates.
Am I the only one with this issue or can someone shed some light on any preferences I need to change, etc?
Just got off the phone with Apple support, still confused about how duplicates are created.. The rep informed me that it had nothing to do with iTunes, and a duplicate would only be created if there was an actual duplicate of the song on my computer.. which there isn't..
I just deleted my entire library, edit> selectall> rightclick> delete> chooseremove> choose keep files > file > add folder > selected music folder..
she assured me there should be no duplicates.. and it's going to take a while for my music to import, but i will update when it is done..