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Guided Simulations and roll-overs

Time:November 30
Hi folks
I'm in need of some help.
I'm a follower of the Tell me, Show me , Help me ,Let me  learning flow.
I'm creating some trainig for a browser presented software product.
I've already created
1) a nicely interactive explanation of the process that they will follow (The Tell me)
2) a step by step demonstration that explains what is being done.
What I'm now trying to create is the 'Help me' portion where I'll be looking for the learner to do the right thing with the mouse and keyboard.
My dificulty is that much of the information that the product provides is by way of mouse over pop-ups.
I can recreate these easily with either Rollover images or rollover slidelets but I'm not clear how to make the module pause and continue when I want it to.
The flow I'm trying to get them to follow is
Hover over portion 1 on the scree to view the popup that comes from there.
Based on the content there, go to another portion of the screen and check the information there.
Click on a third portion of the screen.
Check some displayed information
Based on the content there go to another postion of the screen where a checkbox appears on mouse over.
Select the check-box.
.... and so on.
Any tips?
Hi Alan,
Think you'll need good planning and probably some advanced actions. The easiest way will certainly be to have the content distributed over different slides. But some of the actions you describe (like rollover) will not be able to trigger an action to Jump to the next slide, unless you use a Rollover Slidelet because that object has two possible events that can trigger an action: On Rollover, On Click.
If everything is really in an imposed sequence, putting the objects on the timeline in sequence could already solve part of your goal. And to avoid the playhead continuing when clicking on an interactive object like a click box, you can replace the simple action by a standard advanced action:
For the 'Based on the content there go....' you'll need branching to another slide; I would not recommend doing that on the same slide at all.
These are only some ideas, because your question is both very complicated and vague