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How to cancel autorecharge

Time:November 30
Hi -
I was wondering how can I cancel the auto recharge option on my account& mane years ago this was an easy to find option, now I can't find it anwhere. Please advise.
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If you don’t want to take advantage of Auto-recharge, all you need to do is disable it:
1.  Sign in to your Skype account:
2.  In the Account details section, click Billing & payments.
3.  Under Auto-recharge, click Disable.
For future reference, please note that Auto-recharge is turned on by default when you first add Skype Credit to your Skype account using a credit card, PayPal or Skrill. The amount you first credit to your Skype account will be the amount that gets topped up automatically whenever your balance falls below the minimum level set.
Learn more about how to manage your Auto-recharge settings by visiting:
Hope this helps.