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How to connect two pcs SQLPLUS

Time:October 11
I m on pc ip=11 and want to connect to the listener of pc ip do i do it?
c:\sqlplus sys as sysdba/[email protected]????????????????
920092 wrote:
i mean to say that i shud have my sources service name registered in destinations listener.ora ..something like thi??There is no need to shout.
You obviously need some fundamental understanding about the relationship between the client, the server, and the listner. Start here:

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I have a WIN7 Host named DELL-i5 and a WINXP VM named VMXP on VMWARE. Now, the host has a Oracle 11g database orders, SID - orders, username - SYSTEM, password - abc123. I have set the listener to be on port 1521 using NETCA. The VM has Oracle client

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I have installed an Oracle 10g Express database on my computer. I'm able to start the database as well as listener, and also login to the database. However, while trying to connect via SQLPLUS or PL/SQL developer, I get the following error message: O

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Hi, I am trying to connect to oracle on linux via sqlplus. All the oracle process are up. tnsping and ping are response OK. I check the uptime, and it show: 01:58:21 up 3 days, 23:47, 1 user, load average: 0.09, 0.03, 0.01 THE PROBLEM IS : O

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Hello, I have Oracle 9i (9.2.0) running on a Redhat EL 2.1 installation. I've started the database and the listener control services. I can connect using plain old Java JDBC and also using Enterprise Manager from a Redhat 9 client. But when I try to

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Hi All, I don't know if this has ever been posted, but since I've spent a week figuring it out (no joke, a week), I thought I would post it so that no one else has to waste this much time. "ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier spec

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Getting a new pc in the coming week, and I need to connect my one monitor to 2 pcs. I was looking into geting a KVM switch, but I am going to buy a new keyboard,and mouse. Is there such a thing for just a monitor, and speakers? Or do I have to buy a

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I'm trying to help my cousin set up his internet connection so that he can easily connect to a friend's computer over the internet, and give his Mac the illusion that they are in the same physical LAN. The only things I can think of to make this work

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Hi all, I've installed Oracle9i Database Release 2, everything went ok during the installation. When I try to connect to the SQLPlus I get the error: "ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service name". I've checked and set up the REGEDIT in HKEY_LO

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Hi, I am using Enterprise Linux 5. I am not able to connect database using sqlplus. After entering sqlplus command, getting following error: [[email protected] ~] sqlplus / as sysdba /oracle/oa10g/10204/bin/sqlplus: Line 41: syntex error near unexpected tok

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Is there a way to connect two PCs via GPIB, both running a Labview program? I just want to excange text files between them. The GPIB cards are PCMCIA-GPIB cards from NI.You can, but you might not enjoy it. I don't have the specifics for your GPIB car

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I am attempting to connect 2 PCs to my new IMAC.I have a enabled sharing and the PCs do see the MAN. When I attempt to connect I get an Access violation, In an attempt to resolve the problem, I have renamed the IMAC and the problem still persists. I

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I have a database installed on my machine.I created an entry in tnsnames.ora. entry name is "test" I'm able to connect to it using sql developer. I'm able to connect to my database using sql plus locally: sqlplus user/[email protected], I'm not a

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Hi all, I'm using windows 2000 with oracle 10.1.0 I have to connect server through SQLPLUS utility. I can able to connect system/[email protected]_name From system user, i cant able to query >archive log list; .Im getting error as permission denaid. i

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Summary: Trying to connect with sqlplus to R12 Vision fresh install gives me ORA-12154. Context: Installed R12 12.1.1 Vision instance on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.4 x86-64 (SElinux disabled / no virtualisation). Followed [761566.1] and http://www.ora

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Hi I cannot find out why I cannot connect using SQL developer, while sqlplus works fine with the same login information. *1. TNS ping:* C:\>TNSPING manila TNS Ping Utility for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production on 24-GRU-2 010 13:28:38 C

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Hi, this is my first time installing Oracle and I need help connecting to it with the command line sqlplus client. I have the Oracle XE DB running on Ubuntu 7.04 and I can connect and log in as 'system' with the web interface on localhost. Now I am t

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When i try to connect I get the following error: ORA-01041: internal error. hostdef extension doesn't exist. I am trying to connect like this: sqlplus "/ as sysdba". Does anybody have any ideas. It is installed on Windows 2000 and I installed it