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How to select multiple lines in reports

Time:October 11
how to select multiple lines in a reports and process those selected lines to other activities like BDC.
Please paste sample report here. or any demo examples . (don't paste ALV report , paste only classical report)
suppose there are 10 records in output, i want to select 3 records and process other activities like bdc.
Point will awarded.
Hi ,
the o/p in ur case will be a basic list output with a check box enabled in the left .
Now say there are 10 records in the list output and i have checked 3 of them where checkboxes are enabled .
And i press a button to submit this to the BDC .
Here u need to make use of
READ LINE statement to read the records from the list output and then pass them to the BDC .
The code would be something like this
DO .
Read line index <field> where checkbox <> ' '.
You can have a look at the F1 help on read line . This will mkae u clear .
Hope this gives u an idea.