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How to track WebUI users in GUI

Time:October 11
I want to track users in GUI who are login via WebUI . Is there any way to track the users in GUI who are working in WebUi like which report they are running, whether their session is active or stuck
We are using CRM 7.0
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Now I am checking with development team to develop the functionality to register in a custom table which track webui users in GUI, Because my actual requirement is to implement a long term solution for the table lock issue
We want a solution where Service Requests will be automatically unlocked after 30 minutes if no process is running. As some times users are complaining that Service Requests locked in following cases
u2022     Network volatility: When Network is not instable
u2022     When Network cable is unplugged
u2022     When user doesnu2019t follow the correct way to navigate around Webclient
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