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HR PA and Planning (PD profile) changes not updating auth profiles of users

Time:October 11
We are on ERP version 6 since 2008.  We started experiencing this problem December last year and now it is all over our system.  As soon as employees are transferred or new appointments are made in HR on PA or if the PD profile is changed in planning the changes cannot be seen by the user in their auth profile.  The user can literally not see the newly appointed employee on the org structure or even newly created org units and positions are not visible.  When RE_RHAUTH00 is run on the user name the update indicates that the changes (new employee and new org unit) is linked. 
The following updates run every night:   RHPROFL0_DAILY_UPDATE and RHUATUPD_NEW.  I have also run PFUD during the day to make sure all updates go through.  We have also "played" with some profiles with PD profile changes but it is as if the profile remains completely static.  We have looked for personnel lists and deleted them to no avail.  Our Basis administrator has cleared the buffer for us and has run report RSUSR405 that did not do anything.  We have searched through notes on Support packages and have just loaded and tested support pack 46 to 53.  The only work around seems to be to delete the user and create a new user and then it seems to easily accept new changes.
Yes, please make it scheduled background job. This is normal procedure.
Define periodicity on your business needs: some run it every night, some every hour.