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Image Publishing to ISA for Product catalog

Time:November 30
Hi Guys,
I have to attach an image to each product and publish it to ISA using TREX.
I have created products and product catalog, I have published all products to ISA application also, But i dont know how to do the same with image.
Can someone tell me the required steps that needs to follow up.
Manoj Tiwari
Hello Manoj Tiwari,
Regarding the distribution of the product catalog, there are 2 parts :
- The product catalog (structure, texts, ...) is replicated to the index server. The settings for replication are done via SRMO.
- The catalog may also contain multimedia objects such as images, sound files... Those data are replicated to a specific folder of the web server. To replicate and publish these datas, you must define HTTP and FTP settings.
following transactions are used for replication / publication :
- initial replication : comm_pcat_ims_init
- update replication : comm_pcat_ims_upda
   report com_pcat_imsd_cp_show gives you all changes taken into account in update replication
- single replication : comm_pcat_ims_single
replication logs are found in transaction SLG1.
Pay attention to the fact that the documents are language dependant.