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In Dialog module programing how to navigate to previous screens?

Time:October 11
I have a REPORT program which displays a ALV output with custom menu buttons along with the ALV buttons on the menu bar.
Once the custom button is clicked the REPORT program calls a custom SCREEN 1 the screen is displayed to the user and the screen has a custom menu which has some custom buttons.
if the user selects any button the user is taken to the next SCREEN 2 .
My Problm is when the processing is finished on the SCREEN 2 i would like the system to retrurn back to report out put screen and NOT on SCREEN 1.
If i use the bwlow code in SCREEN 2 - PAI event it just returns me back to SCREEN 1 and not to the report output screen.
What coding needs to be done to return me back to the REPORT output screen from SCREEN 2.
there is also possibility to specify  LEAVE TO LIST-PROCESSING.
Please check following link
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