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IOS 8 Stuck photo in camera thumbnail not in Recently added

Time:October 11
Since iOS 8.0, sometimes a photo gets stuck in the thumbnail square at the lower left corner of the camera window. If I touch that photo, I get a message saying that there are no photos or videos. The photo does not get into the Recently Added album.
If I take more pictures, they are shown in the square. But if I delete them all until the Recently Added album is empty, the original stuck photo appears again in the square. This thumbnail should be a gray square when the Recently Added album is empty.
The only way that I've found to fix it is to browse the phone with iExplorer, delete the folder PhotoData and DCIM and resync with iTunes.
But the problem may arise again at any time. It seems that it appears when taking several photos in a row, mainly without flash.
It didn't happen under any iteration of iOS 7, but it's been there under 8.0 and 8.0.2.
I Had this problem as well and the photo it was displaying was an inappropriate one I wouldn't want anyone to see so it was a big deal for me to fix this. I didn't have this photo in my camera roll or in any of my folders but I DID find it in my collections screen under the Photo app. Once I deleted it from collections it disappeared and displayed the most recent photo that is in my camera roll. If you want to keep you picture share it someone private and delete the old copy and save the new one and see if it lets you keep the photo without having the thumbnail issue.
hope this works for you.