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IPhoto tag import only works for files touched by Picasa

Time:November 30
I have 6000+ photos which I painstakingly tagged up in Vista (Vista Photo Gallery is auperb for this task by the way) in readiness for getting my wife a MacBook.
The problem is when I import them, some, but not all tags are imported.
As an example, I search for my wife's name. In both Vista Photo Gallery and Google Picasa2, I get 775 and 773 photos returned respectively (I'll worry about the odd 2 later). In iPhoto (both in '06 and '08) I get 84 photos.
Having a look at the properties of some of the files, it appears that any photo I have done any editing in Picasa has had its tags imported corrected. The rest do not.
From reading the Windows Photo team blog, it seems they were keen to do tagging correctly (including always saving tag info back to the file - Apple take note), so I doubt very much it's the fault of Vista Photo Gallery - though I've not been weened off windows yet The fact that Google Picasa correctly sees the tags lends weight to this argument.
Has anyone any ideas or experience of this or other related problems?
Are there any third party scripts or tools (free!) that will import tags correctly?
Should I file a bug report, and if so where?
All help greatfully received.
Welcome to the Apple Discussions.
Tagging is still very new. Creative Commons have some background info here: but even they refer to the " balkanized state of embedded metadata standards.".
Regardless of what you may hope or think, the simple fact of the matter is that there is no convention or protocol adopted by everyone for tagging pics. This is true both within Operating Systems and between them. Microsoft, Google and Adobe all have systems going that are partly compatible. The simple fact of the matter is that there is no way to tag on Windows in such a way as the tag can be reliably read on a Mac - and vice versa. It's a reasonable guess that if you tag using the Adobe system that will be read by Adobe apps on either side, but not necessarily by anyone else's application.
What's best is if you can find an app that writes to the Exif data and one that read those fields of the Exif data...
And, sorry, but I don't know of any...