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Time:November 30
I wish that I would have know that firewire would not work with the 5th gen. My iPod hard drive when bad 15 days after warranty expired. Now I cannot use the firewire cables for anything but charging.
Has anyone heard about why it will not work?
Are they going to develop a patch to have it work?
Is the firewire dead?
I just got the new 60GB video ipod as a gift. I am an owner of the FIRST gen. ipod, which seemed to work just fine with only firewire. I am seriously ******. How is it that the last 3 generations of the ipod were compatible with both firewire and USB, but now they decide to settle for the slower (though not much) connection? Saving $? Well, in the process they've alienated their loyal Mac users, such as myself. I have a G4 mirror tower running 10.2.8, so I have to go spend $35 on a USB 2.0 PCI card, and $120 upgrading to 10.4 so I can use the video function, all because Apple wants to sell more to Windows users. This really *****. I understand technological development, but it should at least be compatible with machines that are only 2 years old. What the **** else can I do?