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Is there any RFC for product catalog

Time:November 30
Hi all,
With out using ISA, if we have to place product catalog on internet. Is there any RFC we can use.
There is no single RFC that can help you reproduce the Web Channel catalog features. The catalog module works in tandem with TREX for search and display of catalog items with attributes and mime objects. Lot of thought and resources have been input to get the catalog as it is now.
So, I would suggest you start calling your requirement to Display Product List instead of calling catalog. The reason is simple.The moment you have that list, you will start getting requests / requirements to add more features - such as, nice display with tree structure, search capability, ability to integrate with cart, product details, etc, etc. -  quickly leading to a situation where the catalog in its current form is the solution.
Anyway, try the function modules in the following function groups.
CRM_ISALES_PRDCAT - is you want to read the catalog structure as maintained in the CRM system (no product details in catalog). You have to go to product master to get the product / attribute details. No search capabilities. No tree (area / sub area) hierarchies in display.
SRAD, SRA1 - If you want to mess around reading the TREX indexes and get the information. No tree (area / sub area) hierarchies in display.
By the way, you can still use the catalog only in the ISA - by just modifying the B2C application -flow_ and removing all the cart related features. Easier said than done. but still, I think that this exercise will be lot easier than developing a new catalog with no features
If the purpose is to export the catalog to an external display entity, you can try the transaction COMM_PCAT_EXPORT.
Easwar Ram