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Time:November 30
I have 33 model parameters identified as global tunable parameters in SimuLink and upon creating the .dll file and opening it in LabView VI I get only 16 parameters. How do I get the 33 parameters seen by LabView after the conversion using SIT? Matlab version 2010a and LabView version 2010 with MS Visual Studio 2008.
From my experience with SIT, LabVIEW likes to have a 'Test Point' on the signal in Simulink prior to creating the .dll made with Real-Time Workshop.  To make a test point in Simulink, right-click on the signal line and go to properties.  From there, you should see a checkbox for a Test Point.  Check it and a graphic that looks like a golf ball and a tee will appear on your signal line.  Then rebuild the .dll and they should show up in SIT for hooking onto.
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