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Leopard on 1st Gen G5 iMac

Time:October 11
Has anyone installed Leopard on a (2004) 1st Gen G5 1.8 Processor with 768 MB of ram? If so, any problems? Thanks.
I installed Leopard on my 1st generation 2.0 Imac with 2G ram. Needless to say, I am back on Tiger now untill they can fix a mutitude of problems. Fans running all the times, activity monitor thinks the CPU is at 100% all the time, but at the Unix level it's at about 12-15%. Printer drivers don't work on my Lexmark Printer and it's not supported in Leopard. Thats just to mention the main issues, other are Applications shutting down when you carry out certain things. Also running Imovie 08 is a joke with leopard. You get the sninning wheel all the time when dragging through your clips. If it's not sorted in next release I will be returning Ilife08 and Leopard to apple shop and getting my money back (then maybee putting towards a new Imac). I think they released it to quickly and they have really let them self down. Your comments would be appreciated?