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List Price Not getting displayed in B2B Webshop Product Catalog

Time:October 11
Hello Experts,
We have done all the required configuration to view the LIST PRICE in B2B Webshop product catalog.
We have done following settings:
1. Pricing Procedure assignment to the PRODUCT CATALOG VARIANT
2. Initial Replication of the product catalog
3. Shopadmin setting for List Price (radio button selection on the GENERAL Informaiton Tab)
4. XCM Setting - No IPC
5. For the defined variant, we have maintain an entry in the Parameter for List Prices - ZPR0 and table as CUS506 and Catalog Price type as List Price.
6 Downloaded the required condition record from ECC to CRM with correct validity period
But still we are not able to see the LIST PRICE. Any other change (say addition/removal of product from CATALOG areas)in the CATALOG is getting dispayed correctly in the WEBSHOP product catalog except LIST PRICE. That means we feel there is no issue from TREX perspective.
Any other pointers will be really helpful.
What are the fields for CUS506? During replication if the list price is replicated from this table then all the key fields mentioned in this table should be available during replication for this table.
What my wild guess is that maybe this CUS506 has a field e.g say SHIP_TO or SOLD_TO etc.. Now at the time of replication.. there are no shipto or soldto hence no values/price will replicate to TREX.. hence u will see nothing in catalog.
Dipender Singh