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Mail viewer won't display attached photos, "Missing Plug-in"

Time:November 30
This is a brand new issue for me, after years and years of using Mail.  Today I sent an email to a friend, and attached a jpg (exported from iPhoto).  When I looked at that sent email in Sent folder, there's message "Missing Plug-in" in place of the image.  Last time I sent an image was about a week ago, it worked correctly at that time.  I'm very sure I haven't changed any Mail settings in the interim.  Is this just a problem with the viewer, or a problem with Mail itself?
I've tried all the fixes listed in the discussions about missing plug-ins in Mail.  None of them worked.  I can see attachements in the emails, but when I forward them, the missing plug-in shows up in place of the attachments on the forwarded email.  I'm running the latest OS 10.7 on my Mac Pro and I just downloaded the latest Java app.  HELP!!