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Missing Excel Services in Sharepoint 2013

Time:November 30
Can anyone please help me understand why Excel  services is not available to add as a service?
What is missing?
Hi GaryB92,
Excel Services is an Enterprise feature.  Do you have an Enterprise product key, and has your company purchased Enterprise client licenses (eCALs) for the users that need to use Excel Services? Your Microsoft Account Manager can tell you if you aren't
If you are licensed for it then from Central Admin you can select "Upgrade and Migration" > "Enable Enterprise Features" and then go ahead and select the Enterprise radio button and then ok.  You should note though, that you cannot downgrade the
farm back to use only Standard features though.
Note that depending on the key originally entered when installing the product, you may need to select "Convert farm license type" first and put in a correct Enterprise product key.
Also note that in 2013 there is a new User License Enforcement capability to help ensure that your environment complies with the actual MS user licenses purchased. Here is a useful article on this:
There's also an easy to search SP2013 feature matrix by license type here -