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Missing fonts in flash menu

Time:October 11
i'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue. i've
got a collection of fonts in various formats all installed on my
pc. several key fonts however, are not included in the flash font
menu when i launch flash. they range in format (truetype, opentype
and type 1, etc..), so i don't necessarily think it's a
compatibility issue, but i've noticed that the fonts being left out
seem wildly arbitrary. even amongst fonts within the same family.
The prime example being an assorted library of helvetica neue font
faces that i have. I've got around 40 or 50 different variations of
this typeface and only about half of them show up in flash. i've
tried overwriting the fonts and restarting my machine and then
flash with no luck. i've even tried renaming the fonts, etc, and
converting formats. i have no idea what's going on.
i should mention this has been somewhat of a problem for me
even from within previous versions of flash. is there some
technical aspect of flash with regards to how it displays and
utilizes font files/families that i should be aware of? ideally i
would think that the font engine for future releases of flash would
more closely mirror that of adobe aps such as illustrator and
indesign. does flash treat fonts in more or less the same way
currently though? for instance, if i enter some static text, choose
helvetica neue regular (55 roman or what have you) and then make
the text bold, is that simply an approximation of bold that flash
is applying, or is it actually referencing by proxy, the
corresponding "bold" face in the helvetica family (75 bold)?
at any rate, i'd really appreciate if anyone could shed a bit
of light on this subject. hopefully this makes sense.
I'm having a similar issue with the Avenir font family
(PostScript). First it wasn't showing up in Flash at all, then it
was and I was able to get some work done.
I've got a PowerMac G5, and I'm running Flash 8.
Then I was gone for the holiday weekend, and when I came
back, not only is it saying that I don't have the fonts again, but
they are actually still there, listed under slightly different
names in Flash (12 Avenir 95 Black 09173 became Bl Avenir Black,
for example). If I try to change the font links in Flash to the
ones with different names in the Inspector or in the Font Mapping
dialog box that comes up when I open the file, Flash 8 crashes
I've installed and run the latest version of Extensis
Suitcase, and I don't have any corrupt fonts, so I need some help
figuring out what to do!