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Multiple displays and one mouse - mouse behavior falls a bit short

Time:November 30
I have four monitors on my machine. I'm considering moving to eight. The only issue I have (with four) is that I quite often lose track of my mouse, and then once I find it, I have to move it a looooooong way to get to the next window I need to use it in. With eight... I'm thinking this will go from annoying to needle-in-haystack-class pointer loss.
It occurs to me that there could be several simple and friendly means for ameliorating these issues.
First, CMD-Tab could be modified so that the mouse automatically centers over the window of the selected application, presuming it is not minimized (and if it is, perhaps the mouse should end up over the appropriate icon in the task bar.) This would the pointer right in the middle of the space where you're about to work. Perhaps CMD-Option-Tab instead of CMD-Tab.
Second, a keystroke sequence that would do the centering part; first you CMD-Tab, which selects the application window you want to work in, followed by MODIFIER[-MODIFIER[-MODIFIER]]-KEYSTROKE which would simply center the mouse as I just described, separately from the CMD-Tab operation.
So. Anyone know of any mouse software or system thingamajig that would allow either or both of the above?
Failing that, anyone know if it can be done with AppleScript or some such accessible technology?
Thanks for your time and attention.
Hi, I contacted LG as I noticed they now have monitors supporting thunderbolt connectivity. They replied suggesting the following 2 models:
34UM95 <>
34UC97 <>
I would be open to monitors this big but an the 2014 MBA support 2 21:9 monitors?
Any advice greatly appreciated.
Many thanks