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My 4th Gen. Ipod Touch is smashed

Time:October 11
i have a 4 gen. ipod touch. i would really like to buy a new ipod, but would have to sell the old one first. but 4 months ago i dropped it. Screen is badly smashed. It still functions properly, but it is three months out of warranty. will apple replace my screen really cheap, or will i have to pay lots?? i know some people have got apple to replace theirs for free, does this mean they will replace mine for free too? has anyone else been in this situation before, and found a solution?? Please let me know!! thanks for your help
Apple does not repair iPods, but will replace the entire iPod for a flat fee; see the Repair Pricing section here:
Some people have reported that an Apple Store technician has made an exception and replaced the iPod without charge, but for an out-of-warranty iPod the chances are vanishingly small, though you can go to an Apple Store and ask.
There are independent iPod repair services that may be able to replace the screen for less. Do a web search for "ipod repair".