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My iPod Mini Broken/Frozen - Can't find one thing to help my problem :(

Time:October 11
First off, my iPod is frozen at the "Do Not Disconnect" screen because I was adding music from the iTunes library to the iPod when iTunes started "Not Responding"(For the first time ever) [while i was transferring music]. So I ended the task and unplugged the ipod, and I reopened iTunes, but my iPod would now show up on the menu. So, I unplugged my iPod (not noticing "Do Not Disconnect") and then reconnected it, but it still wouldn't show up on iTunes. So, then i unplugged the iPod and it wouldn't do anything it's just frozen at the do not disconnect screen WITH THE HOLD LOCK ON! So it will not do one thing; I tried "The 5 R's", but it won't even reset or do anything. So I restarted the computer and unplugged the iPod. When it came back to the desktop I plugged it in and 2 bubbles popped up one said "New Hardware Found", but the other came up with an exclamation point saying
"USB Device Not Recognized One of the USB devices attached to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message."
When I clicked the bubble a seperate window came up with a saying at the bottom that said, "Recommendation: Try reconnecting the device. If Windows does not recognize it, replace the device." So after that I followed the 5 R's, well tried to, so next I unistalled the iPod Updates and iTunes and then restarted and then reinstalled the iPod updater first then restarted then installed iTunes and it did not help one bit what so ever...
So PLEASE help me, I have NO idea what to do or where to start and I'm not even that computer illeterate lol, but please I need someone's help. I don't know what to do.
Just let the battery die on your iPod… This is only advice we can give you… If I were you, I will insist on reseting it… the best way is to let it die on your iPod too…
But, it doesn't work, and if you're still under warranty, call Apple and ask for a replacement…
Good luck
but you don't have any strange message such as a folder with an exclamation mark, or a sad iPod with eye-crosses ?