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Negative Values of Library Cache Hit Ratio in AWR Report

Time:October 11
Hi all,
We are getting Negative values of Library cache hit ratio in AWR Report of 11g( with Solaris[tm] OE (64-bit).
Please suggest us why it shows negative value.
Instance Efficiency Percentages (Target 100%)
Buffer Nowait %: 99.87 Redo NoWait %: 99.99
Buffer Hit %: 92.17 In-memory Sort %: 100.00
Library Hit %: -3,321.23 Soft Parse %: 81.95
Execute to Parse %: 92.88 Latch Hit %: 95.11
Parse CPU to Parse Elapsd %: 87.25 % Non-Parse CPU: 81.39
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Hi Aman,
DB not restarted during this time.. we don't have production access. we will get awr report automatically from customer daily. also i am getting issue in our local environment v$rowcache view gets values is negative for dc_users and dc_tablespaces parameter may be it's related production issue...

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