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Networking Mac to pc to file share

Time:November 30
New MacBook pro and trying to network to desktop pc to file share. I set up my new Mac to share printer with out a problem on network but can't seem to get the Mac to see the network so I can view files on pc that is running windows 7.   Has anyone had this problem? I'm sure it's operator error but I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
Hi Dave,
Is there a way to open the files on the second HDD (ie: FilesA, FilesB, FilesC as described above)?
Yes, easiest way is with Sharepoints...
Use it to set any Drive/Folder as a Normal share, set Users and/or Groups, Rights, & AFS/SMB rights.
Next, when i go to Network on my Mac the Mshome folder does not always show the PC.  It was showing it earlier today, but not now.
95% of the time the problem is tht the PC's Firewall has quit sharing, Might try Bonjour for Windows...
This should help the printer problem also.